My Art-Bio

At infant school i liked to draw horses with the aid of a pencil, as a junior I painted only flowers using watercolours and at senio school I created landscapes and animals using mixed techiniques.
From the age of ten until the age of fourteen I would go and visit a friend of mine named Otto at his shop, an artist from Friuli who painted portraits and landscapes and from whom I learned my techniques in painting oil on canvas.
At the age of 17 I divided into world of airbrush.
Gianni, a friend and car body repairer asked me to work on a Vespa for one of his clients.
New techiniques but a stimulating idea, I accepted this challenge and everything went according to plan. Good results and new clients on the horizon.
At this point my interest in airbrushing was growing but I soon found out that nobody was willing to reveal any tricks of the trade, so I brought a few books on the subject and spent many nights reading, trying and making mistakes.
In the meantime, after obtaining my diploma, I decide to leave school and abandon my initial idea of becoming an architect to allow myself to dedicate my time completely to this new adventure.